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Design is a progression, I starting with cut and paste manipulation for print and 3-D design and have moved forward to web creation including coding and video. Evolution in design processes has presented a multitude of print programs, website design techniques and video production. Formally trained in fine arts, I bring elements of color and composition to my projects. Always curious and learning new techniques, My education and skills have been regularly upgraded and maintained.

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VAST stands for Virginia Alice Seeger Tomasko, call me Ginny. I have worked in the industry for over 30 years. I hope you enjoy my site. I love design, organization and storytelling. It has been a joy to work in this industry and help businesses become more successful. My clients will confirm that I go the extra mile to get results.


An early interest in graphic design and photography has sent me on a life long journey to learn. First, Anacortes High School had graphics classes back when we did cut and paste, used dot screens and a lot of wax, then two years at the University of Washington studying graphics, photography and fine art. Changing schools, I received an AA in Visual Communications after two years at the Art Institute of Seattle. AIS is a great school where we studied typography, graphics, perspective, life drawing, airbrush, photography and used the first design programs and computers. Traditional art classes have made me a better graphic designer. Returning to school later in my career, I learned HTML, CSS, SEO, Dreamweaver, WordPress, Drupal Gardens, and blogging aspects of web design and brushed up on on Adobe Suite skills earning a Skagit Valley College Certificate.

Fearless and curious, I am accomplished at print design, signage, POP, packaging, web design, portrait and catalog photography, painting a mural, building signage, or running an event.

Take Nothing for Granted, Community Volunteer

A positive attitude comes from within, live each day fully. I have a legacy of cancer in my family, having lost loved ones as a teenager. Then at age 22, I had my first major cancer and then again 30 years later, boy do I have bad genetics! Visit my blog vastlegacy.drupalgardens.com. Practice good health and learn to appreciate both the simple things and the big moments in your life, hoping to leave a positive legacy for your children and community.

Volunteering in my community, helping coach soccer, assisting at the local theatre, working with Sister Cities, Mountain Host at Mount Baker Ski Area for 10 years. I do these things for fun. Visit my other blog ridemountbaker.wordpress.com. Practicing generosity and sharing creativity whenever possible.

A final note, I strongly believe that we should all shop locally. We should support the business and services that come to us, make our lives easier, provide jobs and resources.

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Thanks for checking out my portfolio!